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Our social innovations shaping the future’s services

We have developed several social innovations that we would happily offer to enhance our partner’s projects and development work. Contact us to find out more!

3X10D® life situation assessment tool

In multidisciplinary and multisectoral work, many customers come with problems that require expertise from different sectors. The 3X10D® life situation assessment tool supports a better understanding of individual circumstances and the impact of services, user-centred service development, and systematic casework.

With the help of the 3X10D® life situation assessment tool, it is possible to evaluate one’s own or a family’s life. The 3X10D® is a quiz consisting of ten questions that concern different areas of life. As a result of the self-assessment, the respondent can step back and explore their life in its entirety, together with all its strengths and weaknesses.

The language versions available

The 3X10D® life situation assessment tool has been translated into various languages and piloted in such countries as Germany, Lithuania, Ireland and Spain.

  • 7–9 years olds (Finnish, English)
  • 10–13 years olds (Finnish, English)
  • 14–17 years olds (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Arabic, Farsi)
  • 18+ years olds (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Arabic, Farsi)
  • Families (Finnish, English)

Zekki – what’s up? Digital service for the young

Zekki (available only in Finnish) is a state-of-the-art digital service matching young people and diverse support services based on the online well-being self-assessment quiz.

By asking a young person “What’s up?”, Zekki helps them to have an overview of their life and ambitions. After self-assessment Zekki gives recommendations of support services that the respondent could find helpful in his situation. Zekki is designed for young people aged 15–25.

Young people have been the key co-creation partners together with professionals in various phases of Zekki’s development. The users are part of the process along the way: they will be actors in workshops, test all iterations and give the guidelines for the next steps and further development. Zekki is a truly youth-centred digital solution.

International possibilities

At the moment, Zekki is available in Finnish. The service system is country-specific, and this must be taken into consideration, but the basic idea of how to make preferences and choose the appropriate services is transferable as it is. The basis of Zekki digital service is the 3X10D® life situation assessment tool.

Zekki digital service was elected the best social innovation of Europe amongst 565 other participants in the European Social Innovation Competition of 2021. Zekki made an impression to the competition jury with its young-centered and user-friendly approach.


Contact us and we can ponder how Zekki could work in your language area.

The Express Yourself! project brought inclusive grouping to schools in four countries

Express yourself! was a joint project of four countries that aimed to promote social inclusion in school communities. DiakHub’s social innovations, like the 3X10D® life situation assessment tool, were utilised in the project evaluation.

See the video below to learn more about this fascinating project!