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DiakHub – multidisciplinary co-creation for solving wicked social challenges

How can we tackle wicked problems and create a better world for everybody? DiakHub is a competence and co-development hub designed for collaborative solving of problems relating to well-being, health, and employment.

Its activities are based on a collaborative development approach. We explore new solutions and ways of doing things by bringing together service providers, producers, users, UAS partners, and students.

Our expertise relates to people in challenging or vulnerable situations who need preventive assistance, identification of support needs, early interventions, and personal interaction as well as various support services.

Making the world a better place by collaboration

We believe in DiakHub that multidisciplinary and multifunctional cooperation is needed to solve the complicated challenges of the modern world. Only extensive collaboration will eliminate unemployment or fix the service systems of health and social services.

This is why we have invited everyone to participate: top researchers and developers of their field together with students, service users, and the whole of civil society.

Everyone is needed until the world is enough good for everyone. Will you join us?

DiakHub in a nutshell

DiakHub’s innovation activities in Finland aim at leading to more functional human-centred service systems and service processes.

Human-centric solutions are sought to address problems across governance and administrative silos and boundaries, particularly targeted at the most vulnerable joint service users with complex needs and multiple service agency use. All this is done in close collaboration with our students and a keen focus on working life.

We develop tools to help professionals in their work towards better and more human-centric services. Some of them are ready to use in an international context as well:

  • 3X10D® life situation assessment tool
  • Zekki – what’s up? Digital service for the young

See page ‘Social Innovations’ to find out more.

Diak’s unique profile in the Finnish education sector

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) is one of a kind in the Finnish education sector in three aspects:

  1. Our nationwide work to educate future professionals.
  2. Our particular combination of study fields and programmes
  3. Our strategy to focus our RDI activities on improving the well-being of those in the most vulnerable positions through co-creating societal innovations, services, and capacity building.

If you want to know more about Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, please visit our main webpage.